-Class A trading is a distributing Company worked in the field of distributing imported food stuff, dry storage items,
-1997 established in Cairo as a distributing company working in imported food stuff.
-2003:2005 new store in Alexandria, importing noodles from Malaysia, Anew section for sweets imported from Turkey and China, new sales dept. for cinemas, schools and sporting clubs.
-2006start importing other new brands from Italy, Poland, USA, Turkey, China and others
-2008 4800000$ yearly sales, 37line brand distributing 3 stores, 11brand importing, 11 cars and 57 employees.
-2010:2012 buying new tracks to reach 17 cars, 85 employees, turn over 11500000 USD for the year 2013.
-2015 : New branch –Hurgada , 96 employees and 21 trucks.
– 2017 : Three branches , 26 trucks , 154 employees .